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A Health Guide for Travelers

Travelers prepare their itineraries and travel plans carefully. Recent health scares, such as the SARS and avian flu pandemics, have shown travelers how important it can be to prepare for health and medical emergencies before and during travel. The avian influenza, H1N1 influenza, and SARs scares have changed the way we travel. Travelers can be required to submit to health inspections before boarding planes or to be detained in quarantine zones after arrival and travel to certain locations can be suspended. Travelers are now more aware of potential health threats. Respiratory masks, personal air filters, hand sanitizers, and sanitizing wipes have become popular additions to travelers’ luggage. Most travelers will not come into contact with the diseases that cause high profile health scares, but preparations to avoid more common travel-related diseases are important. Proper preparation is the most important step travelers can take to avoid disease. Travelers should thoroughly research communicable diseases prevalent in their destination and seek the appropriate vaccines or preventative treatments before travel. Those with allergies or other health conditions can bring special cards detailing their conditions, translated into the local language if necessary. All travelers can bring their vaccination, hospitalization, medication, and emergency contact information to be prepared in case of emergency. 

Healthiest and Most Unhealthy Places To Go

Healthy destinations include Japan, Australia, Sweden, and Switzerland. The populations of these countries have some of the highest life expectancies in the world and can expect to live the highest proportion of their life in good health. These healthy countries are also healthy travel destinations. Healthy food, good access to health facilities, and active travel options such as skiing, hiking, and water sports make these countries healthy destinations.

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